psoriasis vulgaris

psoriasis vulgaris/ male/ age:55 (not clinical case report)

尋常性乾癬Medicament: no internal medicine/ no external medicine
Supplement: BioLT “ZNF” 2tabs/ day and BioLT “TGF” 6tabs/ day
Etcetera: Hand cream (nonsteroidal)

Patient’s impression

I have psoriasis vulgaris 5 years ago and I had been using steroid internal medicine and steroid ointment but never get better. My doctor said there is no radical treatment, so I must take this disease throughout the life, and I got hopeless feeling and I spend dark days. But after I take this supplement for 2 weeks, a desquamation decreased conspicuously and now papules are almost disappear and am surprised at improvement. Thank you so much! I really happy and you gave me shinny light in my life.